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From mosquito control to moisture remediation and everything in between, we have you covered! Here at Dixon Pest Solutions, we’re proud to offer traditional service and modern-day technology with the convenience of no contracts. In the unlikely case you are unsatisfied with your service, our Service Professionals will keep working until you are.

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Living in South Carolina is the best. There’s plenty to do and lots to see. Unfortunately, it also means homeowners like yourself have to deal with common household pests. If pesky guests like ants, spiders, roaches, and more have made their way into your home, let the professionals at Dixon Pest Solutions help them find their way out!

In South Carolina, battling mosquitoes is not only frustrating but also dangerous! With insect-borne diseases like Zika and West Nile Virus on the rise, it is crucial that you take the appropriate measures to protect your family and beloved pets from these pesky bloodsuckers.

The Southeast has the highest rate of termite infestation in the country, which means that homeowners need to act fast. Rather than allowing your home to become a statistic, trust Dixon Pest Solutions to eliminate existing termite colonies and protect your property from future damages.

Are bed bugs keeping you and your family up at night? Here at Dixon Pest Solutions, we will create a custom treatment plan so you can sleep soundly and feel comfortable in your home again. We even offer one-time treatments and ongoing protection plans, so your budget and needs are met!

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5.0 Star Rating ★★★★★
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