Fire ants are armed and ready this spring.

These uninvited guests are prepared to intrude and infest. Their dome-shaped mounds stand proud, 10-feet (or more) deep, topped with freshly dug dirt. That’s only one of the tell-tale signs they are actively seeking a new home, work, or play space to invade. While you are looking forward to the warmer weather, so are they, equipped with their fiery bite to forage their way onto your property.

But DixonPest has your solution!

We’re equipped to treat your property to help ensure that you, your loved ones, tenants, employees, customers, and guests keep a spring in your steps this spring season…and not an “itchy” bite.

The only thing you should be “itching” for is a great deal, and DixonPest can help there too!

Take advantage of our February 10% Off Fire Ant Treatment today! Fire ants are ready to encroach on your space, uninvited, and DixonPest is poised and ready to “treat” them out.